Homes at The Cove go beyond being in a great location; inside and out they are the perfect size and just right for those who know exactly what they want. If you are looking for thoughtful simplification, The Cove offers everything for homeowners, families and visitors without the feeling of being overdone. Inside, the rooms are the right size and orientation for the way you want to live. Outside, the yards offer enough room for a sparkling pool and ample space for entertaining, perfect for those who value privacy but who also don't wish to spend their free time manicuring an over-sized yard.

Find your perfect balance at The Cove at The Citrus.


From 2,800 to 2,879 square feet - Starting at $699,000

You’re done with a large estate and the high costs, yet you’re not quite ready to give up all your space and privacy. We call it thoughtful simplification - where each square foot of your home, both inside and out, is carefully planned to be meaningful and impactful. Most of all, it’s the perfect size for the way you want to live.